In part 1, I talked about the courage of Shirase and Mari in the anime, A Place Further Than the Universe. Now I want to talk about the two other characters, Hinata and Yuzuki.

Both of these characters start out the series with histories of having trouble making friends. Their journeys during the series sees them overcoming their past and making a lasting friendship with the other characters.

Yuzuki Shiraishi

Yuzuki Shiraishi

Before meeting the other three characters, Yuzuki's life is completely dedicated to her career as a young actress. Shirase, Mari, and Hinata are the first friends that she has ever made. When the girls get to Antarctica Yuzuki asks the others to sign a "friendship contract", so that even when their adventure is over they will still remain friends. Because she hasn't had any lasting friendships in the past she completely misses the fact that they have become friends that have grown close through their shared journey. It is after the girls' birthday celebration for her that she begins to open up and make lasting connections with them.

Hinata Miyake

Hinata Miyake

Hinata's history is nearly the polar opposite of Yuzuki, pun intended. Hinata has been hurt so badly by people in her past that she dropped out of school and has trouble trusting other people. Despite this, Hinata still has the initiative to ask to join Shirase and Mari on their journey. In episode 11 of the anime, we learn about Hinata's past and the betrayal that led to her dropping out of school. Hinata was a member of the track club, and because of her talent the older members of club looked down on her. They eventually started spreading rumors about Hinata which led to her quitting school. When the older members of the club find out that Hinata has gone to Antarctica they suddenly want to apologize and become friends again. In one of the best scenes in the anime Shirase confronts Hinata's former classmates during a live stream, giving a speech about hurting people and forgiveness, eventually telling them to "Piss off!".

Shirase is best girl

Both Hinata and Yuzuki show that overcoming your fear is worth the risk. Opening yourself up to another person can be terrifying, especially if you have been hurt in your past. Even if there is a chance you will be hurt, it is still worth it if you get a chance to connect with another human. I am not good at talking to other people, I am extremely socially inept, making friends has always been difficult. Even today I have trouble, but I'm going to keep trying, eventually I'll get there.

Lastly, Hinata has one of my favorite quotes in the anime, "If you can still turn back, it's not really a journey". No matter what you journey is, whether you are transgender and starting your transition or if you are traveling to some far off land, there will be a point where you consider turning back. Before I finally started on hormone therapy I thought about turning back, I thought that the road ahead was far too long, but in the end I just quieted the voice in the back of my head that was telling me that this would be too hard. For me starting on hormones was the point that I couldn't turn back, as most of the effects aren't reversible. The journey ahead is still long, but there is not turning back now.

I'm sure this won't be my last post on A Place Further Than the Universe. I loved this anime, while there are faults, everything good about this anime outshines any faults. I recommend that everyone should watch this anime, even if you aren't an anime fan.

Thank you girls

Thank you girls for an awesome show

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